Mirin dried fish


A perfect accompaniment to rice or sake. The sweet and smoky coating is just delectable

Mirin dried fish

For mirin dried fish, syrup, mirin, sugar, MSG and salt, along with other ingredients are mixed together to form a marinade for the fish. The fish are split open and air dried before marinating. Grill the marinated fish for a smoky and highly appetizing flavor. When in Nagasaki prefecture, try the mirin dried fish made from locally caught horse mackerel marinated in a sauce based on the famous local Hirado soy sauce. Once grilled, the flesh is flaky and chewy. The Hirado soy is able to draw out the natural goodness of the fish. When the fish is fatty, the sweetness of the mirin works in perfect balance. Eat with steaming hot rice, or enjoy with sake. Either way, the abundant fruits of the sea are at the tip of your chopsticks.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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