A summer specialty made by local seaweed


Igisu tofu is a local specialty of Setonaikai area such as Imabari City. It is made of igisu so, a kind of seaweed that grows in the offshore of Setonaikai Sea, and raw soy flour, mixed together, cooled and hardened. Igisu so is a kind of seaweed that resembles tengusa. Soy flour is added to dissolve the fiber and to make a good food texture. Igisu tofu without any ingredients used to be popular in old times, but nowadays every store has its own igisu tofu. Igisu tofu is one of the many summer specialties, enjoyed by people just like 冷や奴(cold tofu).

Recipi of cuisin

  • igisu so30g
  • raw soy flour100g
  • water1~1.2L
  • shrimps200g
  • carrots100g
  • soy sauce30cc

[ vinegar miso ]

  • miso70g
  • sugar30g
  • vinegar20cc
Wash igisu so and soak with water for a while. Boil shrimps (water will be used for 出汁(soup stock) afterwards).
Boil igisu so with specified amount of water until it melts.
Remove the shrimp shells. Cut carrots into fine strips.
Add shrimps and carrots to 2. Add soy flour little by little and stir well each time.
Add flavor with soy sauce and sugar. Pour into a large shallow tray, leave to cool and harden.
Grind miso well, mix with sugar and vinegar.
Serve cooled and cut igisu tofu with 6. on top.

Information provided by : iyokannet/uzushionogeizyutu imabariajikikou

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