An elegant pickled food, just like the quiet beauty “hannari” of Kyoto


This is a specialty pickled food of Kyoto, which thinly sliced Shogoin turnips are salted and pickled with seasonings such as mirin. Its origin dates back to more than a hundred years ago, when a person called Tozaburo Ohfuji, who was a servant of the Imperial Palace, first made this food with ideas from pickled turnips called“obanagawazuke”. He searched around for the best seasonings, flavor, pickle methods as well as for the best turnips, and finally he found those from Shogoin. After retiring from his duty after the Meiji Restoration, Tozaburo Ohfuji opened his own shop called “Ohfuji”, which is said to have sold the first semmaizuke.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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