Komatsuna Gyoza


Delicious Gyoza with their specialty Komatsuna kneaded in the skin

Komatsuna Gyoza

There are more than 250 Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) farmers in Misato city, which makes them to be the one of the best producer in Saitama. Komatsuna Gyoza is their specialty, using locally grown Komatsuna, with little seasoning bringing the real flavor of the ingredients. Komatsuna and meat is mixed the night before to bring out Umami, they call this method “Aging Gyoza”. Komatsuna is also kneaded into skin in powder form, let alone much Komatsuna is included inside, making this Gyoza highly nutritious and flavorful. There are also Senbei (rice crackers) and cookies made with Komatsuna in this region.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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