Toyohashi Curry Udon


A surprising double-layered dish! Toyohashi Curry Udon, a dish that entertains people twice

Toyohashi Curry Udon

The udon noodles in Toyohashi udon restaurants are 100 percent home made. Toyohashi Curry Udon was born so that more people can enjoy the delicious udon. When one eat’s curry udon, the curry soup tends to remain uneaten. A creative idea is used for Toyohashi curry udon in order for the people to enjoy the soup also till the end. You will be surprised to see tororo (grated yam) rice in the bottom of the bowl after finishing the udon noodles on top – a double-layered dish! There is a lot of love in the noodles, curry, and the way you eat it – come to try this new dish!

Information provided by : gurutabi

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