Goshogawara Ganso Shijimi Ramen


Ramen noodles served in tasty broth from shijimi Asian clams

Goshogawara Ganso Shijimi Ramen

Lake Jusan, located in northwest of Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture, is a blackish-water lake where freshwater and seawater mix, and is famous for producing tasty shijimi Asian clams. The local ramen made with broth from these clams is known as Goshogawara Ganso Shijimi Ramen. The fat and juicy clams are exceptionally rich in taste, and are said to be the best Asian clams in Japan. The milky white ramen soup, which is seasoned with salt or miso depending on the restaurant, will have you enjoy the full essence of the tasty local clams.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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