Handmade snack of Niyodo village


Mugwort buds are “rich with good fragrance”. This is a mochi (rice cake) using plenty of this mugwort. Mugwort is said to be a good medicine for all illnesses, and is used frequently in mochi related sweets. “Irimochi” with mugwort has been made in Niyodo village since old times as a handmade snack. It is appreciated still as snacks or together with a cup of tea.

Recipi of cuisin

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[ Skin ]

  • mugwort300g
  • flour1kg
  • saltlittle
  • water1.2 liter
  • sodalittle

[ sweet beans ]

  • azuki beans500g
  • sugar500g
  • saltlittle
Boil water in a pot with soda. Add mugwort and boil until soft.
Remove (1) from pot and cool quickly with cold water. Drain water well.
Boil the azuki beans until soft. Add sugar and salt and simmer slowly. Cool and make them into balls of 30g each.
Mix flour, salt, water and mugwort. Mix well until sticky.
Tear the dough off for the size of 40g each. Wrap the azuki beans, flatten and grill on a hotplate or pan.

Information provided by : oishifudokochi

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