Gyu-suji Motsu Don


Non-greasy, tasty beef offal meat, stir-fried to fulfil your appetite

Gyu-suji Motsu Don

When Iwate was ruled by the Nanbu Domain, a cow breed called Nanbu Ushi was being used for the transport of goods between the coastal and interior areas. The crossbred of Nanbu Ushi and American shorthorn is Iwate Tankaku-gyu, the offal meat of which is the essential ingredient of the rice bowl dish, Gyu-suji Motsu Don. Its healthy red meat, less fatty but rich in flavour, is very popular among people who are conscious of healthy eating, especially women. The fresh offal meat of Tankaku-gyu is stir-fried with plenty of vegetables, and seasoned with a special sauce before being topped on a steaming bowl of rice. It is recommended for those who are eager to fill their belly with healthy food.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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