Tsuyu Hatto


Juicy Aburafu fried wheat gluten simmered in soup with smooth Hatto wheat dumplings to keep you warm in cold winter months

Tsuyu Hatto

Tsuyu Hatto, also known as Shiru Hatto, is a kind of wheat flour dumpling dish. Thin and flat Hatto dumplings are simmered in soup seasoned with soy sauce or miso. Its name may have come from an anecdote of the old times, when farmers of the region loved the dish so much that their feudal lord “tabooed” (“Hatto” in Japanese) the production of wheat for the fear that they would no longer want to grow rice. In Tome, Miyagi Prefecture, people like to have Tsuyu Hatto cooked with the area’s specialty Aburafu, deep-fried wheat gluten. Promotion events have been held, and 2010 marked the 7th anniversary since the beginning of the All Japan Hatto Cuisine Festival. The dish is eaten throughout the year, but is especially good in winter. A sweet version of it, Hatto Oshiruko cooked in sweet red bean soup is also popular during the cold season.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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