Chiritorinabe, a nabe full of vegetables, but it is so good that you can easily eat them all up.


A nabe cooked in a unique square shallow pot, which was named "Chiritorinabe (dustpan pot)" because the pot resembled a dustpan. The origin is unknown, but this dish has been loved by the local people as a specialty born in Osaka. This dish is not only good to eat, but also very enjoyable to watch how much vegetables and "Horumon" are piled up in a pot and simmered down, and this is a dish of "Osaka." Chiritorinabe is usually flavored with karamiso, but there are various flavors such as salt and special sauce as well. The mixed flavor of Horumon and karamiso is very tasty, and some people even surprise how quickly they could eat up all the piled up vegetables by themselves.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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