Sendai Aoba Gyoza


Sendai’s new specialty - Healthy gyoza dumplings with yukina green leaves

Sendai Aoba Gyoza

Unlike regular gyoza dumplings, Sendai Aoba Gyoza is unique in its colour – bright green from yukina green leaves, one of Sendai’s traditional vegetables, mixed in the dumpling skin. Yukina makes up more than 40 percent of the ingredients for the skin, and its colour may make you picture the area’s beautiful greenery. Not only on the outside but the inside is green, too, as the dumplings are stuffed with fillings kneaded with yukina and plenty of other fresh vegetables also from Sendai. The skin, which is on a thicker side, has a pleasantly chewy texture, and does not get tough when it is cold. The healthy, rich-in-flavour vegetable gyoza for people of all age is now served at more than 30 restaurants in Sendai City.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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