Shimabara somen bowl


A new style of noodle serving, using beautiful bowls reflecting the hidden (and persecuted) history of Christian influence in the region

Shimabara somen bowl

The Shimabara somen bowl is a modern take on the renowned local somen noodle of the area by numerous local restaurants and chefs. The definition of a Shimabara somen bowl are: 1) It must use Shimabara somen noodles. 2) Other ingredients must be from the Shimabara peninsula, as much as possible. 3) Use the same bowl every time. What is most distinct about this dish is the beautiful bowls they are served in. Each store has developed their own take of the design of a ‘floral cross’ (an old sign used to indicate those local Nagasaki people who had converted to Christianity when Portuguese and Dutch monks arrived here many years ago) for their bowls. The mish-mash of cultures taking shape here are sure to become a big new trend.

Information provided by : ぐるたび

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