Naruko Don


Number one approval rate from the people of Kochi! Grand prix winner of the domburi section

Naruko Don

In 2009, a competition using locally produced food called “Kochi B level gourmet competition” was held in order to revitalize Kochi. Kochi is famous for its largest produce in Chinese chives, eggplants and ginger, as well as the high quality taste of shirasu (dried young sardines). This was an attempt to use these ingredients, make a new local specialty and to appeal the greatness of Kochi across Japan. Many ideas were collected from the people of Kochi for the noodles section and rice bowl section, and the menu that won the domburi section was “naruko don”. Naruko don is a colorful dish with red and yellow peppers, eggplants, and sweet green pepper topped on ginger rice.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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