Hida Beef on Skewers


A different taste from steaks – Fully enjoy the “Hida beef”, a branded beef

Hida Beef on Skewers

The beef ranked by the Japan Meat Grading Association as “3, 4 and 5” among the black Japanese Gifu beef graded as A1 – A5 is called “Hida Beef”. It is a brand only given to beef of cows raised in Gifu for more than 14 months and those that are graded as having especially profound taste. The “Hida beef” are produced with people who care about the pedigree and safe animal food, and spend time and effort throughout the year to take care of the cattle. Smooth meat with juicy fat. The beef on skewers is a way of enjoying the original taste of Hida beef, different from those eaten as steaks.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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