Kasado Hirame Sushi


A premium fish comparable to puffer fish. The texture of the engawa is superb!

Kasado Hirame Sushi

“Kasado hirame (flatfish)” is a specialty of Kasado Island, Kudamatsu city, Yamaguchi prefecture. It is said to be particularly tasty, as the sea current makes the fish firm and tight. Between autumn and winter is the best season for natural flat fish, but nowadays farm-raised flat fish can be enjoyed throughout the year which are raised under a well managed environment. The fish can be enjoyed in many ways such as sashimi, grilled, stewed, deep fried, tempura, or vinegared salad. Flatfish is known as a premium fish comparable to puffer fish, and particularly the “engawa” part of the fish is superb. The firm and crunchy texture can be best enjoyed as sushi.

Information provided by : ぐるたび

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