The gusto by which the feature of the new world as well as spit-roast will be a habit


The one which poured linear meat of a cow over it long by fermented soybean paste and sweet rice cooking wine and boiled. "DO, and, it's boiled." or I also just say "DO, please". It's learned about as one of the features of Osaka and the new world as well as broiled cutlets on skewers. They seem to have baked it by an iron plate originally, but there are to stores using a pot at present. By the back where soup stock with fermented soybean paste was poured into a pot much and the linear meat made spitting was lined and low flame, 2-3 hours, I simmer carefully, when it's heated up, for the time being, finish. Just before eating, liking and when pouring Guinea pepper with seven tastes, Japanese pepper and leek over it, I also increase in gusto further.

Information provided by : Gurunabi

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