The sauce cutlet bowl (Gunma prefecture)


Regional popular foods from Maebashi city and Kiryu city. This matches really well with rice and it is generously served.

The sauce cutlet bowl (Gunma prefecture)

Pork cutlet is dipped in a Worcester style sauce (sauce cooked with tomato ketchup and sake), is placed on the top of rice bowl. This is the sauce cutlet bowl. Normally cutlet is made with pork loin, but a pork fillet is also used for this dish, and the cutlet is placed on the top of shredded cabbage in some regions. There are several theories for the origin of the sauce cutlet bowl, and restaurants serving this dish are located all around Japan, however, in Maebashi city and Kiryu city of the Gunma prefecture treasure this dish as a local specialty.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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