In an attendant of rice and a relish taken with sake. Traditional dish which goes well with rice with hot tea


The dish pickled in soy sauce together with dried chipped radish in fermented soybeans. Small soybeans are the feature.
Small soybeans were made from the domain duties age and were the soybeans which don't point to tofu and fermented soybean paste, but it succeeded as fermented soybeans. It was sold at a tourist spot taking the long-nosed goblin fermented soybeans sold as a gift with opening to traffic of a railroad (Mito-sen) after Meiji as a start that Mito fermented soybeans became famous nationwide, and it became famous as a producing center of fermented soybeans. Traditional dish of Mito where rice with hot tea is eaten by various ways as a relish taken with sake minutely as an attendant of rice present.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Mito fermented soybeans3 packs (120-150g)
  • Dried chipped radish160g
  • Salta little
  • Soy saucea little (or, sauce of fermented soybeans).
After often washing dried chipped radish in water, I drain, and it's salted with a salt pinch.
Dried chipped radish of drained 1 is added to the one with which fermented soybeans was stirred and it's often mixed. Soy sauce or sauce of fermented soybeans is put in a little and the taste is arranged.

Information provided by : Local food hundred pieces in rural district and fishing village

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