A rare delicacy from Nichinan coast made by a couple who keeps the traditional way.


The ingredient of "mukadenori" is a very rare kind of tengusa (seaweeds, used for making kanten), and it can grow only in Nichinan coast in Miyazaki Prefecture. It is named "mukadenori" for its similar appearance to mukade (centipede). Mukadenori is pickled with miso after been simmered down and set. It has a springy texture with a miso flavor and an aroma of seaweeds, and it goes well with sake. It is made by Mr. and Mrs. Nakano in a traditional method with no additives. This is a rare delicacy because there are some seasons when there is no mukadenori grown in that area due to the recent environmental changes.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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