Tokyo Ota Salted Fried Noodle


Fried noodle with many ingredients for Ota ward's promotion

Tokyo Ota Salted Fried Noodle

”Ota Salted Fried Noodle” is a local noodle with 10 ingredients. Based on chicken bone broth, you can see much of sense of humor and love of the shopkeeper in details – locally taken “Omori Seaweed” and “Clams from Tokyo Bay”, Ota ward's official flower plum, “Sakura Shrimp” imagined from Sakura Zaka (Cherry blossoms hill), “Tamanegi (onion)” sounded similar with Tamagawa River, and “Moyashi (Soybean sprouts)” associated with Kamata Moyai Statues. You can enjoy this fried noodle at restaurants in Kamata Sta. Are, Omori Sta. Area, Yashio and Kugahara. Thay all have similar lineups of the ingredients and seasoning, but noodle's size and toppings are all different. It is worth walking around and trying them out.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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