Kosyu koumezuke


Local specialties of Yamanashi. The resistance to the teeth I made crisp and the refreshing flavor are the feature.

Kosyu koumezuke

To use Ome in the front where I ripen a specialty in Yamanashi "Koshu Koume", I finish pickling at the end of May. The flavor which is also called "potash potash immerse" from the resistance to the teeth I made crisp and is refreshing is the feature. After putting plum in a night water and doing one without lye, plum and salt are pickled alternately. When slaked lime is added in case of pickling, it's said that it's finished on edge forever. Even if it's pickled with Japanese ginger and ginger, shallot is good. The "citron volume of" the Japanese radish which wound leather of the citron I cut into fine strips by a slice of dried Japanese radish and dried more is added and sometimes pickled.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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