Kakinoha-Zushi (Persimmon leaf wrapped sushi)


An indispensible dish at the ‘Okunchi’ harvest festival

Kakinoha-Zushi (Persimmon leaf wrapped sushi)

Kakinoha-Zushi tends to be seen as a specialty of Nara prefecture in Wetsern Japan, however in the Kaho area of Fukuoka prefecture, the harvest festival ‘Okunchi’ menu features the dish heavily. The sushi filling is a mix of carrots, shiitake mushrooms, burdock and chicken chopped up fine and boiled with salt and sugar. The filling is mixed with sushi rice and rolled into bite size pieces, on top of which vinegar cured slices of fish, small prawns or mashed and seasoned fish are place on top. Finally, each piece is wrapped in persimmon leaf. Leave it overnight with a heavy weight on top and its ready to serve. It’s also enjoyed in the Asakura area of Fukuoka, but ingredients and leaf wrapping techniques vary from area to area.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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