Nikumiso Udon


A special dish of Kazo Udon with meat miso and an Onsen egg

Nikumiso Udon

Kazo Udon started in the middle of Edo era and was served to the visitors of the Tone river crossing and the Sogan temple in Kazo. Udon from this region became very famous and people soon associated Kazo with Udon. Producers of this Udon spend twice as much time on stepping and letting it rest compared to other Udon, resulting firmer and smoother texture of Udon. Kazo city has asked citizens to enter the competition in search of B class gourmet in this region. This Nikumiso Udon was the winner of the competition. Meat is flavored with Miso and an Onsen egg ( slow-boiled egg, the yolk is hard but the white is still soft. This normally cooked in the hot spring) is added on the top of the Udon. It is gaining popularity especially in the younger generations.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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