Kaisen Don


A don with plenty of fresh seafood from Toyama Bay

Kaisen Don

Since Toyama Bay is filled with warm water from the Tsushima Current and the cold water from the proper water in the Japan Sea, it is an ideal area for both the warm water fish and cold water fish to inhabit. It is thought that there are about 3400 species of fish inhabiting in the Japan Sea, and there are about 500 species out of 3400 inhabiting in Toyama Bay. Other than buri, the designated fish of Toyama Prefecture, iwashi, shiroebi, surumeika, benizuwaigani, and many other different fish are caught in Toyama Bay. In a near by city of Toyama Bay, Himi City, known as "a city of fishery" you can eat Kaisendon which is topped with plenty of fresh seafood. Not only the fish but also rice taste great, as Toyama Prefecture is also a big producer of rice.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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