Kaisen Don (Fukui)


Loaded with the Fukui seafood, including Echizen crab, the taste of winter.

Kaisen Don (Fukui)

‘Echizen crab’ is an indispensable ingredient for kaisendon in Fukui. ‘Echizen crab’ is the common name for ‘zuwaigani’ crabs caught off Fukui prefecture during the season running from November to March. The fine fiber and sweet flavor defy description. Many other types of seafood including Japanese horse mackerel, sea bream, yellowtail, squid, shrimps, sea urchins and turban shells are caught off Fukui, making for a decorative kaisendon. Toppings include wasabi, green onion, shiso leaves, ginger and nori strips. ‘Kaisendon’ can be eaten at restaurants and ryokan within the prefecture, with many different flavors on offer to enjoy.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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