Katsuura Tantanmen (Szechuan Ramen)


The best dish for a cold winter. This local Tantanmen is a unique version

Katsuura Tantanmen (Szechuan Ramen)

The Katsuura’s local dish is Katsuura Tantanmen. Katsuura city is located in the Boso peninsula, facing Boso sea in chiba prefecture. Tantanmen is normally cooked with sesame paste but Katsuura Tantanmen has chili oil, onion and minced pork instead. It became popular among fishermen because this noodle warms their body. Currently more than 30 restaurants offer Tantanmen. Each restaurants has different broth, some are miso base and some are soy sauce base. You can try different ones in search for your favorite.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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