Ishigaki beef cuisine


It is such a pleasure to go Ishigaki Island to eat Ishigaki beef raised in Ishigaki.

Ishigaki beef cuisine

Ishigaki beef is a brand Japanese black cow produced in Yaeyama district which includes Ishigaki city. It become very known thought out Japan because it was served during the Okinawa summit. Some of the producers only sell this beef in Ishigaki Island to keep this local production for local consumption. But people say it is worth visiting Ishigaki to eat Ishigaki beef. It is a beautiful beef with pink meat and white fat running though it. Locally people sometime eat it like Sashimi (raw). As soon as meat reaches the tongue, sweet fat melt on your tough. It is recommended to eat it as steak, sukiyaki or Shabu shabu so you can enjoy the Umami of this meat.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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