Maguro no gongurini


A local delicacy cooked with stomach of freshly caught tuna simmered in a sweet and salty sauce.

Maguro no gongurini

Fishery has been a big industry in the Minaminaka area in Miyazaki Prefecture, and tuna and bonito fishery has a long history there. "Gonguri" is a name for stomach of tuna in this area, and "maguro no gongurini" is a dish of simmered gonguri in a sweet and salty sauce. Gongurini seasoned with sugar, shoyu and mirin goes well with sake or is a good dish eaten with rice. This is a very unique local delicacy that can be made only in the area where fresh tunas are available, and you can easily find this dish at restaurants in the area.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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