Ishiru no kaiyaki


Secret ingredient of Kaga dish. A flavor ingredient, much, I make the taste of the material stand out.

Ishiru no kaiyaki

That I say secret ingredient of the local food made with only the part of Noto-hanto "Ishiru no kaiyaki" by a word, fish sauce. Internal organs of sardine and squid are salted, and one summer season can be imposed, and the one I made fermented naturally is boiled down and it's made. Something "to be here and know, shellfish baking" uses a shell of scallop instead of a pot, and to eat while boiling mushroom, squid, sweet shrimp and Japanese radish in ISHIRU. It's said that it was rather spicy seasoning before as the back dish which worked physically, but it's said that it's changing weakly at present. It's one of a basic dish popular with visitors, too of a guest house already.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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