Norabouna Udon


Great local Norabouna dish which brings you slice of spring.

Norabouna Udon

This dish uses Norabouna which is grown in Ogawamachi, Arashiyamacho and Tokigawa region. Norabouna is a traditional vegetable known to be introduced by Ina Tadatsugu and is ended up saving many people from stirbation during Tenmei/Tempo femine.
It is rich in Vitamin C. And It is very similar to Takana and most of the people find it familiar taste. Because it goes well with noodles, this udon was bron in the process of matching Udon and traditional vegetalbe in order to create new product. Norabouna noodle with norabou tempura is a great combination.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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