Sasa Kamaboko


Grilled fish cake in the shape of bamboo leaf, good for snacks and nibbles

Sasa Kamaboko

Sasa Kamaboko is one of the local specialties of Miyagi, named after the bamboo leaf design in the family crest of the Date clan, who ruled the Sendai Domain. People of the region had a custom of making white meat fish paste into small patties using their hands, and grill them for preservation. This is said to be the origin of today’s Sasa Kamaboko. Grilled until it is golden brown, Sasa Kamaboko is crisp yet soft inside, easy to eat for snacks and nibbles as it is individually packaged. Nowadays, new flavours have been added to the variety - cheese, Shiso herb, and smoked. It is fun to experience the difference in flavours of each brand.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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