Katte Don


Make your own seafood rice bowl, a specialty at Washo Market in Kushiro City

Katte Don

Katte Don (“as you wish” rice bowl) was originally invented when a rider travelling cheap in Hokkaido stopped by at Washo Market: one of the store owners sent him to buy a bowl of rice only, and let him have a little bit of various fresh seafood from his store to top the rice. Located on the west side of JR Kushiro Station, the market offers fresh seafood, meat, vegetables, dried products, clothing, medicine, and other miscellaneous goods for reasonable prices. You can buy a bowl of rice and wander around the market to find shrimps, sea urchin, salmon roe… your favourite ingredients to make your own Katte Don. It is also fun to negotiate the price at each store you visit.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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