Fired Jelly


Healthy dish using Okara

Fired Jelly

It is a traditional dish in Gyoda area. Girls from Tabi (Japanese socks) factories used to love this dish. It is like a croquette without bead crumb and nutritionally this is a well balanced food.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • okara (Tobu refuse)250g
  • potato200g
  • carrots60g
  • onion70g
  • wheat flour30g
  • egg1
  • salta little
  • peooera little
  • oil for fryingas needed
  • worcester sauce100cc
Steam potato.
Cut other vegetables into small pieces.
Mix Okara, potato and other vegetables. Add flour, egg, salt and paper and mix well.
Mold the mix into small balls and deep fry them in 160℃ oil
Put the sauce into a bowl and dip them and serve
* Do not over-dip with sauce
* You can add bread crumb and deep fry, which becomes a croquette.

Information provided by : Saitama traditional local food recipe book

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