Seasoned Cod Roe


Enjoy the jaw dropping taste!

Seasoned Cod Roe

Without a doubt, the most well known of Hakata, Fukuoka’s delicacies is the seasoned cod roe known as ‘mentaiko’. Bringing out the most flavors and deliciousness from each roe, particularly well known is the brand ‘jaw dropper’ named in reference to the fact that their mentaiko is the most jaw-droppingly good. Each roe selected is plump and juicy, whilst the seasoning brings out the complex salty-sweetness, making this perfect as an accompaniment to drinks, or to wash down with a bowl of white rice. Seasoned cod roe first went on sale January 10th, 1949 in the Nakasu area of central Fukuoka city. It was a recipe brought over to Japan by businessman Toshio Kawahara, who modified a traditional Korean recipe to suit Japanese tastes. Kawahara established a food business that operates to this day.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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