Tonchan Nabe


A Korean food born in Shimonoseki!? Beef guts hot pot, Korean style

Tonchan Nabe

This is a hot pot dish born in “Green Mall”, a shopping arcade in Shimonoseki also known as “Little Busan” for having so many Korean shops and restaurants. Plenty of vegetables and beef offal are stewed together in a miso soup. You cannot stop once you start eating it, as the mixture of Japanese miso and the Korean gochujang make the perfect sweet and hot harmony. Beef offal called ‘tonchan’ is first grilled without using any oil, and then stewed with only the water that come out from the vegetables, making it a healthy and nutritious menu also. Cabbage and soy bean sprouts are used normally. The fresh texture of the vegetables and springy texture of the offal make a rich taste.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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