A specialty named by a famous writer, created by a beautiful ryokan in Nara Park.


A nabe with over 20 various ingredients like spinach, seafood such as iseebi and snappers, vegetables, and yuba, cooked in a specially made nabe over charcoals. Wakakusanabe has a very rich flavor of the ingredients simmered in light-flavored dashi made of katsuo and kobu. Spinach is the main ingredient of the nabe, and it was named by Naoya Shiga after Mr. Wakakusa of its light green color in spring, and it is a specialty of a ryokan in Nara City "Edosan" and this is the only place you can eat the nabe. Wakakusanabe is served only between October and March, and quite many gourmets from all over Japan come to Edosan for the nabe. Having a special nabe that has been loved by celebrities in an elegant washitsu is a luxury.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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