Sushi made with local specialty 'hamayaki saba'. A popular taste gaining attention.


'Sababozushi' (mackerel stick sushi) made with Fukui specialty beach grilled mackerel on vinegared rice was created by a local restaurant manager. Wanting to create a new local specialty, he decided to combine one of his favorite dishes beach grilled mackerel with sushi. After much trial and error, the new sushi was revealed to the public at a local festival, much to the surprize of the festivalgoers. It has now gained such popularity that it has become one of the stape dishes on the menues of local restaurants, with the oily grilled mackerel and local koshihikari rice with vinegar even sold at train stations. Another variation is salted raw mackerel in 'iizushi' style, so you can try both.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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