Atami Ajiro Horse Mackerel Sugatazukuri


Fully enjoy fresh horse mackerel sashimi served with head and tail. The firm texture provides a refined taste.

Atami Ajiro Horse Mackerel Sugatazukuri

The old saying ‘Osaka for Kyoto, Ajiro for Edo (Tokyo)’ shows how at the peak of prosperity Ajiro was a booming port town of Edo. To this day it continues to see catches of a large variety of seafood, including a large amount of horse mackerel. It is said that Ajiro was were ‘sugatazukuri’ (filleting and arranging the fish on the bone, with head and tail attached) originated. The beautifully arranged sugatazukuri gives the dish an elegant feel while the firm texture of fresh horse mackerel is easy to eat with just the right amount of oil. The name of the only good natural port on the east side of the Izu peninsular is said to have been derived from the place fishing nets were set.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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