Sozuri Nabe


A cheap but tasty dish with high quality beef – perhaps a new boom will occur?

Sozuri Nabe

Sozuri nabe has been a popular hotpot since long time ago in Tsuyama city, Okayama prefecture. The word sozuri comes from the meat shaved off (sozuru) from cow’s bones. A branded beef “Sakushuushi” is used for the nabe. Fresh sozuri beef is simmered in a sweet and salty say sauce-based soup, together with burdocks, tofu, and other vegetables. It has a light flavor, unlike its appearance. The softly stewed sozuri beef melts on your tongue, and you cannot stop once you start eating. Shaving the beef from the bone makes a rich taste, and high quality beef can be used till the last bit – a clever invention by the ancestors. The hot pot is finalized with udon noodles.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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