Hidatakayama Ramen


“Soba” means Chinese noodles in Takayama

Hidatakayama Ramen

The people of this town where Edo culture was passed on as tenryo during the Edo edo are curious to new food, and Chinese noodles have been popular since before WWII. It is said that the first “Takayama ramen” was served as “Masago soba”, in a stall opened during the early Showa days. “Soba” means Chinese noodles in Takayama, and if you mean Japanese soba you have to say so. The Chinese noodles have soup made from Chicken stock, bonito flakes and vegetables with thick soy sauce. Thin crimp noodles with little water is one of its characteristics also. The cooking method is unique, where soy sauce and the soup are boiled together in one large pot.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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