Matsuura Pickle


Sake lees pickled cartilage. A perfect accompaniment to a drink

Matsuura Pickle

Matsuura Pickle is bones taken from the bridge of the nose, and cartilage of whale, chopped up finely, boiled up to remove the fat and pickled in sweetle seasoned sake lees (the leftover flakes of rice from sake production). It is a specialty of the seaside town of Yobuko. Although a pickle, it was considered difficult to keep for long without destroying the delicate fragrance of the sake lees. However, years of trial and error, and that delicate fragrance can keep for longer than ever now. The chewy texture of the cartilage and the sake lees fragrance lends this dish to steamed rice as well as an accompaniment to drinks. Now sold in cans too, they are a popular gift item.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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