Honmoroko Dishes


Honmoroko, an endemic fish to Biwako Lake is best enjoyed as grilling on charcoal and eating with ginger soy sauce

Honmoroko Dishes

“Honmoroko (willow gudgeon)”, family of carp, is a kind of fish that is of approximately 10cm length and live in the Biwako Lake area. In spring they create groups to lay eggs along the shore of the lake, which attracted many fishermen along the bank of the lake. Recently the number of the fish has come down, and in order to increase them once again the prefectural government is making effort in releasing a big number of young honmorokos, as well as exterminating non-native species such as black bass. Honmoroko has light taste and soft bones, making it suitable for various dishes such as tsukudani (boiling down in soy), tempura, nambanzuke (deep fried and marinated in spicy sour sauce), or kombumaki (rolling with kelp). The best season is winter, when grilling it over charcoal and dipping in ginger soy sauce is the most delicious way of enjoying it.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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