Tagawa Offal Hotpot


50 years of history speaks volumes! Taste what drove the miners to work as hard as they did!

Tagawa Offal Hotpot

Formerly the largest coal mining town in the Chikuho area is Tagawa town, Fukuoka prefecture. Born in this town was the healthy yet incredibly power-giving ‘Tagawa offal hotpot’. Fresh offal marinated in a special sauce is boiled together with plenty of vegetables in a specially designed pot with a dent in the center. No stock or soup is added, meaning only the liquid from the vegetables will cook the dish. The flavors of the offal and vegetable become highly concentrated and provide an enticing richness. The history of this dish goes back 5 decades and it’s stamina packed nutrition was what helped the men work down in the mines.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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